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#1223481 - Tue May 09 2017 06:11 PM Re: No woman will ever want me. [Re: Captain Sammitch]
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Get to work sammitch.

big_pimp_tim-made it cool to roll in the first damn place!
Mon Jun 11 2007 09:27 PM-harley finally rolled with me
"I'm working with him...he's young but, there is much potential. He can apprentice with me and then he's yours for final training. He will remember the face of his father...

Some day, Knutreturns just may be the greatest of us all...."-THE bastard

#1223601 - Mon May 29 2017 07:33 PM Re: No woman will ever want me. [Re: Captain Sammitch]
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 Originally Posted By: Captain Sammitch

Everyone but MisterJLA has a full name, but that doesn't mean I'm going to PM him a link to this thread that'll expire by the time he cares enough to read it.

There is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes, and maybe itís too much for us, but itís all on you. Because if we canít protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure weíll avenge it.

Put Natasha on the phone.
Who is this?
This is her fucking son's father. Who is this?
This is her fucking son.
Call back in 20 minutes. *click*

Boy, you could get lost in a sky like that. I wish I had those balloons again.

#1224100 - Sun Aug 20 2017 03:57 AM Re: No woman will ever want me. [Re: McGurk]
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Shes Too Good For Everyone - Legendado PT

The previous Youtube link to the "She's Just awful... But I still think I might have a chance" song, doesn't work any more. So here's another link to the same song.

Too funny not to replace.

#1225503 - Mon Apr 16 2018 06:54 PM Re: No woman will ever want me. [Re: rex]
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 Originally Posted By: rex
King Snarf said:
I was out tonight, and for whatever reason, I strike up some small talk with a random woman (pigs must have been flying). While it didn't go absolutely badly (she smiled when she talked to me), I couldn't even get her name, much less anything else. Which leads me to ask "What the fuck is wrong with me?" My friend Nicole tried to cheer me up with "Maybe there's something wrong with her", which I suppose would make sense, except for the fact that EVERY woman that I've ever been interested in romantically/ sexually has rejected me in some form or another, leading me to believe that it's me there's something wrong with and not the entire female gender. For the past 15 minutes I've been trying to stop crying, and I haven't been entirely successful.

All I've ever wanted was someone to be in love with, and have that same person be in love with me, and I'm starting to realize that that is never going to happen.

This is the funniest thing I've read all day. It easily beats out anything related to the pretty princess. March 10, 2005 will go down as the greatest day in RKMBS history.

Reax was right!

It's a dog eat dog world & I'm wearing milkbone underwear.

I can get you a toe.

1,999,999+ points.

Damn you and your lemonade!!


#1225922 - Tue May 29 2018 08:37 PM Re: No woman will ever want me. [Re: allan1]
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Is this the gayest signature pic ever? topic


Oh, man!
I'd forgotten these. A huge collection of great photoshops, of Snarf and many others.

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