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#1224242 - Thu Sep 14 2017 06:00 AM Processor & Motherboard related queries
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My CPU usage hits 100% just like that. Many a times I see it's hovering over 80% or 90%. Now I dropped the idea of upgrading to latest processors, thinking of Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processors.
Checked ebay and could find about a handful of processors (LGA 775) under 1k.
Going by motherboard support list (ASUS site) C2D E6600 is the highest I can go. But third party site suggests I can go upto E8600 / Q6600.

How I can confirm that E8600 / Q6600 is compatible with my motherboard P5G MX?

Is this wise to upgrade to one of these processor now (idea of keeping it for another year or two)?

Please help.

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#1224247 - Thu Sep 14 2017 09:26 PM Re: Processor & Motherboard related queries [Re: ]
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