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#1224594 - Tue Dec 05 2017 10:08 AM Cracked Website Lays Off A Lot Of Staff
the G-man
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Cracked, Anti-#Gamergate Website Lays Off A Lot Of Staff…

  • Edgy comedy website, Cracked, has silently let go “a lot” of its staff after various writers and some senior staff were let go from the site, which has been confirmed by various writers let go and the executive editor, David Wong, confirmed the news.

    Across Twitter various individuals caught wind of former Cracked writers who have been laid off in the process of Cracked trimming the financial of those individuals let go is former managing editor, John Cheese. So Cracked had no qualms about getting rid of its upper management.

    This was further corroborated by executive editor, David Wong...

    Cracked was one of the larger sites out there that took aim at #GamerGate early on, when they published a series of articles targeting the consumer revolt against corruption and unethical practices in the media industry.

I don't know how much this did or did not have to do with Gamergate, but I do know that the site has gone from being humor and pop culture to "everything is racist, sexist and homophobic" over the past couple of years.

#1224596 - Tue Dec 05 2017 05:23 PM Re: Cracked Website Lays Off A Lot Of Staff [Re: the G-man]
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yeah, very "SJW" now.


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