Nicholas Sparks: The Key to Happiness

As an internationally best-selling author, Nicholas Sparks knows a little something about money, fame and power.

But he’s also in touch with his emotions — a quality that has helped him create gripping, realistic characters in his books (the latest is “The Longest Ride,” his 18th novel). This week on HuffPost Live, host Nancy Redd asked him about why some men have a hard time finding meaning beyond the span of their influence and paycheck.

Sparks offered the advice he gives his children: The key to a fulfilled life is accepting yourself completely. If someone is unhappy with an aspect of themselves, it’s important to forgive themselves for it and make a real effort to change it.

“Once you do that, then you can open the doors to happiness no matter what, whether you’re successful or not,” Sparks said.

But no matter the hardships anyone faces, he said every person has at least one big reason to celebrate themselves.

“It comes down to the fact that you should like yourself because you are unique in the world,” he said. “Every person out there is the rarest of all diamonds, and if you can’t see that about yourself, no one else can.”