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#1225347 - Fri Apr 06 2018 12:29 AM Condom Snorting
Lothar of The Hill People
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Not actually a trend but some kids have done it. More story at the link.


Credit: artiomp/Shutterstock
Editor's note (April 4): The "condom snorting challenge" is not actually a current trend among teens. The story gained traction after a local news crew attended a class for parents in San Antonio that warned of dangerous online trends, according to the Chicago Tribune. The condom snorting challenge was shown as an example of a dangerous online trend, but it not a trend that is currently captivating teens across the country. That said, it's still a bad idea to snort a condom up your nose.

Live Science's original story is below.

Getting teens to use condoms is usually a good thing unless they plan on snorting them up their noses. That would be a really bad idea.

But some teens are reportedly doing just that: In videos posted on social media, teens are inhaling condoms up their nostrils and pulling them out of their mouths, according to USA Today.

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#1225349 - Fri Apr 06 2018 06:04 PM Re: Condom Snorting [Re: Lothar of The Hill People]
Wonder Boy
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Alllllllll righty, then!

That, sir, is not your average activity! I'd think your normal teenagers in their sexual prime could find a more conventional and pleasurable use for a condom.

#1225374 - Sat Apr 07 2018 06:03 PM Re: Condom Snorting [Re: Wonder Boy]
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Unused condoms make handy disposable baby bottle nipples if they learn the result of thinking that 'just once' doesn't matter.

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#1225377 - Sun Apr 08 2018 12:42 AM Re: Condom Snorting [Re: McGurk]
Son of Mxy
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I say let them. If they die from it, then it's natural selection. Let's not wait until they try another challenge that actually puts other people at risk.

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