I just binged watched this. It's fucking good. I mean, I had to make a few dummy accounts so that YouTube wouldn't get direct access to my financial information, but the misery of shadowboxing with Google was surprisingly eclipsed by a funny, well-paced story.

I probably could have done without so many annoying highschool students pushing a multicultural narrative, but the show has a prevalent message about absent/surrogate fathers and contemporary degeneration among the chill'uns that solidly delivers through well-choreographed fight scenes and comedic nostalgia.

The first two episodes are free. After that, you can do the whole free trial thing to watch the rest of the first season before investing any money.

On a sidenote: I have to wonder if the writers got the idea for making a show about Johnny and Daniel having mid-life crises from No More Kings' "Sweep the Leg":

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