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#1227481 - Thu Oct 25 2018 03:24 PM John A. McCone, CIA director, 1961-1965
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I was reading about our current CIA director Gina Haspel, and looked back at other directors. John A. McCone interested me because he oversaw the CIA during a pivotal period (Nov 1961-April 1965) and was involved in a lot of coups and covert plots around the world, particularly Cuba and Latin America.

If Johnson had kept McCone and followed his advice, perhaps there would have been no Vietnam War as we knew it, and without it, no "1960's revolution", where a lot of other causes were feuled and rode on the coat-tails of the war protests.

McCone represented the CIA's opposition to U.S. support of a coup in South Vietnam against President Ngo Dinh Diem, but such objections were overruled by November 1963, when the State Department managed to convince Kennedy to allow the coup to proceed.

In 1964, he was awarded the Hoover Medal.[12]

McCone resigned from his position of DCI in April 1965, believing himself to be unappreciated by President Lyndon B. Johnson, who, he complained, would not read his reports, including on the need for full-fledged inspections of Israeli nuclear facilities.[13] Before his resignation, McCone submitted a final memorandum regarding the war in Vietnam to President Johnson, arguing that Johnson's plan of attack was too limited in scope to successfully defeat the Hanoi regime; he further asserted that public support (in the United States and abroad) for any effort in North Vietnam would erode if the plan went unchanged:

  • Dear Mr. President:

    I remain concerned, as I have said before to you, Secretary Rusk and Secretary McNamara, over the limited scale of air action against North Vietnam which we envision for the next few months.

    Specifically I feel that we must conduct our bombing attacks in a manner that will begin to hurt North Vietnam badly enough to cause the Hanoi regime to seek a political way out through negotiation rather than expose their economy to increasingly serious levels of destruction. By limiting our attacks to targets like bridges, military installations and lines of communication, in effect we signal to the Communists that our determination to win is significantly modified by our fear of widening the war.


    If this situation develops and lasts several months or more, I feel world opinion will turn against us, Communist propaganda will become increasingly effective, and indeed domestic support of our policy may erode. I therefore urge that as we deploy additional troops, which I believe necessary, we concurrently hit the north harder and inflict greater damage. In my opinion, we should strike their petroleum supplies, electric power installations, and air defense installations (including the SAM sites which are now being built).


    I am not talking about bombing centers of population or killing innocent people, though there will of course be some casualties. I am proposing to "tighten the tourniquet" on North Vietnam so as to make the Communists pause to weigh the losses they are taking against their prospects for gains. We should make it hard for the Viet Cong to win in the south and simultaneously hard for Hanoi to endure our attacks in the north. I believe this course of action holds out the greatest promise we can hope for in our effort to attain our ultimate objective of finding a political solution to the Vietnam problem.

    — John A. McCone, Director of Central Intelligence, (Johnson Library, National Security File, Country File, Vietnam, Vol. XXXII. Top Secret) [14]

After Diem's assassination, the succeeding Thieu regime tells the rest of the story till South Vietnam fell in 1975.

Some of what is said here of the CIA operations from 1961-1965 gels pretty well with the James Bond movies.

#1227507 - Fri Oct 26 2018 02:54 PM Re: John A. McCone, CIA director, 1961-1965 [Re: Wonder Boy]
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The CIA was formed in 1945-1946, and its first few CIA Directors were generals recruited from other branches of the military, who reluctantly took the job, and it was a bit disorganized. They missed a lot of major events they were created to learn about and warn of in advance, such as the Russians creating their first atomic bomb (1949), North Korea invading South Korea (1950), and miscalculating whether or not China would enter the war on the side of North Korea.

Events that got many of the earlier directors fired and replaced. But then, these generals looked at this position as a distraction and impediment to their military careers, and only took the position because they were assigned to.

A restructuring of the CIA based on recommendations began in 1950, and under two new Directors the CIA began to definitively form, under Walter Bedell Smith (Oct 1950-Feb 1953) and then Allen Dulles (Feb 1953-Nov 1962). Dulles lost his job after the Cuban Missile Crisis, because of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, and several unsuccessful assassination attempts on Fidel Castro under the code name "Operation Mongoose".

So it was under these three directors that the CIA took on a form resembling what we see in the Bond movies, and began carrying out global covert operations.

There was an article I read over 25 years ago where a former agent of the CIA argued that the CIA has embarassed every president since the CIA was formed. Because of the failures I listed above, and the lack of accountability of their black operations that have allowed them to do questionable things that were exposed, such as assassinations, espionage in both enemy and friendly nations, gun-running, drug trafficking, and other crimes, that ended up making headlines worldwide.

#1227567 - Sun Oct 28 2018 09:05 PM Re: John A. McCone, CIA director, 1961-1965 [Re: Wonder Boy]
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