This morning I watched a Closeup with the Hollywood Reporter roundtable of 6 fairly prominent Hollywood screenwriters, mostly about the creative process of how each writes, and what they view as exceptional screenplays and films, and the host threw out a question about "how would you portray Trump in a movie" which they leapt on like sharks to blood in the water.

Bo Burnham & Paul Schrader on Writing About Donald Trump | Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter

They seem fairly oblivious to the fact that when they make vicious comments like this, it alienates 50% of their potential audience. And there is an increasong list of Hollywood stars whose work I absolutely won't pay money to support anymore, including Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Michael Moore, Jason Biggs, Peter Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Ted Danson, Robert Deniro, Rob Reiner, Oprah, Whoopie Goldberg and many others, for their way over the top rhetoric and Leftist radicalism.
These 6 screenwriters just joined my list. John Krosinski, Paul Schrader, Bo Burnham, Tamara Jenkins, Eric Roth, and Peter Farelly. One of them at least voiced awareness that his stated views could alienate his audience. But not enough to restrain him from getting in his digs.

If I could, I'd ask them what separates Trump as so much worse than over 50 years of other presidents of both parties with similar or far worse indiscretions, including JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, W. Bush, Obama, and the thing from hell that answers to the name Hillary Clinton. They were comparing Trump to Hitler in his bunker, but last time I checked, Trump didn't start any wars or commit genocide on millions of people. And with Trump's economic performance, renegotiation of foreign treaties, border security and other accomplishments, his (quite opposite of being Hitler) is the most successful presidency in 50 years, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan.

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    Liberals who bemoan discrimination, intolerance, restraint of Constitutional freedoms, and promotion of hatred toward various abberant minorities, have absolutely no problem with discriminating against, being intolerant of, restricting Constitutional freedoms of, and directing hate-filled scapegoat rhetoric against conservatives.

    EXACTLY what they accuse Republicans/conservatives of doing, is EXACTLY what liberals/Democrats do themselves, to those who oppose their beliefs.