I became interested in this topic when I first became aware of the scientists in Europe and the U.S. who collaaborated to cook the books, and make the 'scientific evidence' conform to their theories on global warming.

Another big revelation for me was learning of the U.N.'s AGenda 21 program, which is basically using a deception of environmental conservation to drive people out of rural areas and into densely populated metropolitan areas where governments can keep them under electronic surveillance, better indoctrinate their education from birth, and have control over their food supply. Whereas if they live in rural areas they cannot as easily be surveiled, can pass on their values to their children, and can grow their own food, so the state cannot starve them into control (cross reference with the Chinese cultural revolution that starved at least 5 to 10 million people, the Soviet starvation of farmers in Ukraine (holodomor) in the 1930's of 3 to 7 million people, and the current situation in Venezuela.)

There was also an article I read in American Thinker about how scientists and university professors were intimidate them into accepting global warming theory and other liberal orthodoxy, such as intimidated into not doing any objective research on whether homosexuality is inborn or a chosen behavior.
To the point that many either don't do objective research on the subject, or wait until they either have tenure or retire from their careers to do the studies, so as not to risk getting fired or ruin their chances of career advancement among their liberal departments.

Tonight I saw a guy interviewed who runs this website that challenges mainstream media's portrayal of global warming as proven.

Special Report on Fox 6PM broadcast cited how liberal media were in a panic about Greenland's ice cap was melting a few months ago. And then selectively omitted any coverage of the cap reforming. What serves the Revolution, they report. What doesn't goes largely unreported.