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#1230714 - Fri Jan 24 2020 03:26 PM Nicholas Sandmann, the liberal media's holy war on conservative thought
Wonder Boy
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It was one year ago today that Nicholas Sandmann and the Covington Catholic High School class were purposefully and deliberately slandered by the media, demonized nationwide as white racists and mean rich kids who allegedly made fun of an elderly native American man, at the annual March For Life rally in Washington DC.

The liberal media not only slandered them, but stoked hatred and violence against them. To the point that Covington Catholic High School had to be closed for several days for their safety. Celebrities and news reporters posted on social media about wanting to smack them, beat them up, kill them, throw them in a wood chipper.

Within 2 or 3 days, it was revealed that the liberal media had completely misrepresented the true facts, in fact completely reversed them. It was the Black Hebrew Israelites who taunted the Kentucky kids. It was the elderly native American guy who had approached the kids and then beat a drum and screamed a chant in their faces to intimidate them. It was in fact 15-year-old Nicholas Sandmann, the guy slandered most, who held back his friends and called for restraint. It was the Covington High School kids who were harrassed, intimidated and rained on with racial slurs.

But it was far more than that. Like the endless attacks on Trump for 3 years and counting, like the Kavanaugh nomination and slander, Nicholas Sandmann and his Covington High School class were just the latest whipping boy for the far Left's all-out war on conservatism.
And let's not even pretend otherwise anymore, on white America.
There is even a vicious contempt in the liberal media and in large wings of the Democrat party itself, for any white candidates. Particularly white male candidates.

It was January 7th, not even 2 weeks ago, that CNN settled what would have been a $275 million defamation lawsuit, settled for an undisclosed sum.

Sandmann's lawyers filed a second lawsuit on his behalf against CNN on March 12, 2019, seeking US$275 million in damages,[117] for allegedly "vicious" and "direct attacks" towards Sandmann. On January 7, 2020, CNN settled the lawsuit with Nick Sandmann. The amount of the settlement has not been made public.[118][119]

And it is today that marks exactly one year later, of the March For Life rally this all occurred at.

Today is the next March For Life rally, and Trump gave a speech, the first time any president has openly endorsed the March For Life rally, let alone participated. In his speech, he made clear that the attacks on Trump are an attack on conservative Christian America. And that it is a badge of honor for him to endure that abuse.

Trump is just the symbol of what the liberal media and the Democrat/Left are truly attacking.

  • from Do Racists have lower IQ's...

    Liberals who bemoan discrimination, intolerance, restraint of Constitutional freedoms, and promotion of hatred toward various abberant minorities, have absolutely no problem with discriminating against, being intolerant of, restricting Constitutional freedoms of, and directing hate-filled scapegoat rhetoric against conservatives.

    EXACTLY what they accuse Republicans/conservatives of doing, is EXACTLY what liberals/Democrats do themselves, to those who oppose their beliefs.

#1230715 - Fri Jan 24 2020 03:34 PM Re: Nicholas Sandmann, the liberal media's holy war on conservative thought [Re: Wonder Boy]
Wonder Boy
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Registered: Wed Sep 12 2001
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Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media

That Native American prick has been arrested for multiple other activist incidents he provoked. And he wasn't even a Vietnam Veteran as he was given stolen honor for.

Tucher Carlson gives a hard-hitting editorial overview of exactly what happened.

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