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#1230732 - Tue Jan 28 2020 04:03 AM Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme
Lothar of The Hill People
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Stephan Strange's hands have healed and he's back to being a surgeon while also keeping up his mystical responsibility. The series is off to a good start with good story and nice artwork. Nuff said.

"My friends have always been the best of me." -Doctor Who

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I can tell by the position of the sun in the sky, that is time for us to go. Until next time, I am Lothar of the Hill People!

#1230745 - Tue Jan 28 2020 08:14 PM Re: Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme [Re: Lothar of The Hill People]
Wonder Boy
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I couldn't find a listing for the most recent series you mention, I guess they haven't posted it yet. The most recent they have is the series that just ended in Dec 2019:

DOCTOR STRANGE (2018, 8th series)

Some of them readable online at:

I still love the original Lee/Ditko issues from STRANGE TALES 110-146, that I have in a collected Marvel Masterworks. (oddly, it includes issues 110-141, but doesn't squeeze in the last 5 issues!)

VOL 1 (110-141)

VOL 2 (142-168)

( or in the original STRANGE TALES issues as I prefer them: )

And the series I'm most attached to is the 1970's DOCTOR STRANGE run by Englehart/Brunner, Englehart/Colan, Starlin, Claremont/Colan and ultimately for me the Roger Stern run in 46-73, with Rogers (48-53), Golden (46, 55), Green (roughly 56-64 with a few great fill-ins), and Paul Smith (65-73).

DOCTOR STRANGE (1974 series)

I think Stern's best 2 series were this one, and his run in AMAZING SPIDERMAN 224-251. Both fun and very creative, but also very true to the Lee/Ditko roots of both series.

I'll take a look for the series you recommend, Lothar.

#1230748 - Wed Jan 29 2020 03:55 PM Re: Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme [Re: Wonder Boy]
Wonder Boy
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CBR didn't like it much:

The concept reminds me of how Professor Xavier in X-MEN was in a wheelchair for about 25 years, and then in his relationship with Princess Lilandra and the galaxy-exploring Shi'ar race, he learned how to heal his legs so he could walk and was no longer impaaired. That inevitably opens up new story possibilities with the character.

So I like the idea of Doctor Strange regaining his physical ability to do surgery. It just opens up another realm of possibilities. In Strange's case, it's an irony, that if he hadn't lost his surgical skills, he never would have gone on a quest that led him to becoming master of the mystic arts.

Although in Xavier's case, it could be a case that if not for having lost his ability to walk, he never would have compensated by expanding and mastering his mental abilities.

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