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#1232149 - Thu Jun 18 2020 10:04 PM Kirby’s Dingbat Love: Unpublished ’70s Stories
the G-man
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Wondy, this thread is for you:
  • Kirby’s Dingbat Love: Unpublished ’70s Stories by the King of Comics! is just about here and its been a years-in-the-making labor of love for writer/editor/publisher John Morrow.

    In cooperation with DC Comics, TwoMorrows compiles a tempestuous trio of never-seen 1970s Kirby projects! These are the final complete, unpublished Jack Kirby stories in existence, presented here for the first time! Included are: Two unused Dingbats of Danger Street tales (Kirby’s final Kid Gang group, inked by Mike Royer and D. Bruce Berry, and newly colored for this book)! True-Life Divorce, the abandoned newsstand magazine that was too hot for its time (reproduced from Jack’s pencil art—and as a bonus, we’ve commissioned Mike Royer to ink one of the stories)! And Soul Love, the unseen ’70s romance book so funky, even a jive turkey will dig the unretouched inks by Vince Colletta and Tony DeZuniga. PLUS: There’s Kirby historian John Morrow’s in-depth examination of why these projects got left back, concept art and uninked pencils from Dingbats, and a Foreword and Afterword by ’70s Kirby assistants Mark Evanier and Steve Sherman!

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#1232171 - Mon Jun 22 2020 01:29 AM Kirby’s Dingbat Love: unpublished ’70s stories collected edition [Re: the G-man]
Wonder Boy
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Yeah, thanks., G-Man. I mentioned this as coming soon in the Jack Kirby topic. I was looking forward to this and then forgot about it.

There was a DINGBATS issue in FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL 6, in 1975. Years ago I became aware there were two other complete issues inventoried by DC and never published.
And like Kirby's 1971 SPIRIT WORLD 1 and 2 (now available in hardcover) and IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB 1 and 2 (now available in hardcover), there were two other completed but unpublished magazines by Kirby, SOUL LOVE (a romance story anthology focused on black characters), and TRUE DIVORCE CASES.
And all that remaining Kirby inventory material is finally published in this collected edition. Thanks for the reminder, G-man.

It only took 'em 50 years to publish it!

#1232172 - Mon Jun 22 2020 01:40 AM re: Kirby’s Dingbat Love: Unpublished ’70s Stories [Re: Wonder Boy]
Wonder Boy
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DINGBATS 6, Sept 1975, for your reading pleasure:

Kind of a cross-pollenation of Bill Cosby's Fat Albert, and a 1970's version of Kirby's own Newsboy Legion.

Many pages of both the Dingbats stories and the SOUL LOVE and TRUE DIVORCE CASES have been published in the JACK KIRBY COLLECOR fanzine. But so much better as complete stories, and not just a few scattered pin-up pencil pages, or as single completed pages, as they were before in TJKC.

Kirby also did the ATLAS story in FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL issue 1. I always wondered if Kirby completed a part 2 to that un-finished story. I've never heard any word of that, so I doubt it.

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